How Do I Draw a Lightning Bolt?

How Do I Draw a Lightning Bolt?

First, obtain pencil, paper and an eraser. You may also want to use a ruler to ensure your lines are clean and straight. To draw a lightening bolt, draw a series of diagonal lines before adding additional lines to complete the shape.

  1. Draw three angled lines

    To start your drawing, sketch one slanted line. Then, ensure the start of the next downward sloping line begins to the right of the ending point of the first line. Repeat this process once more, drawing a third angled line.

  2. Connect the lines with horizontal segments

    After drawing the first three sections, connect them with a horizontal line between the ending point of the first line and the beginning point of the second line; this should be a stroke to the right. Duplicate this process once again for the third line segment. At this point, you should have one continuous, jagged line.

  3. Mirror the first line to create the lightening bolt

    From the bottom-most point of the drawing, use your pencil to create a "V" shape by drawing an upward and right sloping line, stopping just past the bottom horizontal connecting line. Echo the previous process by adding a horizontal line to the left. Then, mimic the original line by continuing upwards until the next horizontal segment and repeat. Complete the lightening bolt with one final horizontal line to enclose the shape.