How Do You Draw Kevin From "Up"?

How Do You Draw Kevin From "Up"?

To draw Kevin, the bird from the Pixar movie "Up," start with the body, then add details and definition. Finish by drawing Kevin's wings and tail.

  1. Outline the body

    Draw a small circle for the head, then a smaller circle within it for the eye. Add a squiggly line coming out of the head for the beak. Draw a straight line for the neck, then draw a large circle at the end of the line. Add a bent line to the bottom for the first leg. Draw a smaller overlapping circle, then another leg coming at the bottom.

  2. Add detail

    Add thickness to the beak and neck lines to create the shape of the beak and neck. Draw lines of various length at the top of the head for Kevin's top feathers.

  3. Add definition

    Sketch feathers on the neck and body. Add feather tips to the "hair." Develop the shape of the legs by adding thick feathers, toes and toenails. Make a dark circle inside the eye for the pupil.

  4. Draw the wing and tail

    Sketch out the shape of the wing on Kevin's body, then fill it with feathers. Finally, fill in the tail feathers.

  5. Clean up the drawing

    After completing the drawing, erase the original outline.