How Do You Draw Jiminy Cricket?

How Do You Draw Jiminy Cricket?

Jiminy Cricket is a beloved character from Disney's "Pinocchio". He is a posh-talking cricket who helps Pinocchio on his journey to become a real boy. provides a step-by-step guide to draw one of Disney's most well-known characters standing and holding his top hat. The materials needed are a pencil, paper and coloring utensils.

  1. Draw the general shape

    The first step in drawing Jiminy Cricket is drawing a general outline to be filled in and detailed later. Draw a circle for the head and simple lines as a guide for the shoulders, arms and torso. Add an oval shape at the end of the arm for the hand and a larger circle next to it for the hat.

  2. Begin the clothing and details

    Jiminy Cricket's signature outfit is a high-collared tuxedo. Draw the high collar, stopping about a quarter of the way up each side of the head. Next, draw the sleeve of his suit using the arm guideline and add fingers to the hand.

  3. Add details to the face

    Using the circle as a guide, finish drawing the shape of Jiminy Cricket's face. Add evenly spaced ovals for eyes and half-circle eyebrows above them. Draw a horizontal zigzag line for his nose, then draw a smile and a happy, open mouth underneath it.

  4. Finish adding details

    Using the circle as a guide, draw the rest of the top hat Jiminy Cricket is holding. Also draw the end of his umbrella poking out from behind his back. Finally, draw his ankles, socks and big round shoes.

  5. Clean up and color

    After drawing everything, clean up the drawing by erasing unneeded lines. Finish by coloring his skin light green, his tuxedo black, his hat blue and golden yellow, his shoes dark blue and his umbrella purple.