How Do You Draw a Husky?

Draw a husky by starting with the head, drawing the chest and front legs, sketching out the body, drawing the hind legs and filling in the details. This takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the head

    Draw two horizontal lines for the nose. Curve the top line up for the forehead, and curve the bottom line down for the jaw. At the top of the forehead, draw a pointed ear.

  2. Outline the front legs

    From the jaw, draw a gently curved vertical line for the chest that moves downward for the front leg. Draw a paw, then draw a vertical line for the back of the leg. Draw the other front line just in front of the first one.

  3. Sketch the body

    At the back of the ears, draw a line that curves down for the back of the head and neck. Curve this line horizontally from the neck to the back, then draw the rump. At the back of the first leg, sketch out the belly.

  4. Draw the hind legs

    From the rump, draw a line that curves gently to the left, then to the right, to create the hind leg. Sketch in the paw, then draw another line mirroring the first up to the belly to create the front of the leg. At the front of the hind leg, outline the foreleg of the other back leg.

  5. Fill in the details

    At the back of the rump, draw a vertical line that curves almost at the paw of the hind leg for the tail. Draw a line at the top of the legs, and sketch in a line from the end of the nose to just below the jaw.