How Do You Draw a Hummingbird?


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To draw a hummingbird, first draw a circle for the head of the bird, attach an longer oval for the body to the circle, then add cigar shapes for the wings and a fan shape for the tail feather. This provides a rough but effective template which can be erased as the details of the animal are added.

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With the base sketch in place, the eyes, beak and other features can be added to the drawing.

  1. Begin adding details at the head. The beak of a hummingbird is long and thin, and the animal has round eyes, which should be placed slightly off center, depending on the position and profile the initial sketch has portrayed.
  2. Draw in the body fully, and erase the rough guide. The bottom of the wings and tail feather should also be erased in preparation for adding feathers.
  3. Add feathers to the wing and tail feather by drawing a series of hook-like lines from the center of the wing, repeating until they converge with the body. The tail feathers are often best approached by drawing smaller cigar shaped, overlapping lines.
  4. For the final touches, another layer of feathers can be added in the top sections of the wings. Drawing additional fur and feathers on the body, as well as adding light reflections to the eyes, will help bring the picture to life.
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