How Do You Draw a Human Heart?

How Do You Draw a Human Heart?

To draw a human heart, trace the guidelines, form the shape of the aorta, sketch the appropriate tubes, and add in the necessary details. Finally, fill out the remaining shape, and adjust the drawing if you need to fix any mistakes.

  1. Draw the guideline

    Draw a circle for the main part of the heart. Next, sketch a U-shape for the cardiac muscle. Draw three lines at the top to represent the tubes and a round shape for the aorta.

  2. Draw the left side of the heart

    Sketch the form of the aorta and the actual shape of the pulmonary artery. Next, draw the superior vena cava by making a vase-like shape. Add four tubes along its side. Make sure the tubes line up appropriately with the right side. Fill out the outer shape of the heart on the left side. Add veins, as well as the inferior vena cava, which sits on the lower left-hand side of the heart.

  3. Draw the right side of the heart, and fix mistakes

    Draw the right side of the cardiac muscle and the necessary surface veins. Next, sketch the tubes of the pulmonary vein and the left atrium. Fix any mistakes, and erase all the unnecessary lines. Finally, color in your drawing.