How Do You Draw a Human Face?


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To draw a human face, draw an egg-shaped oval, and draw the eyes halfway between the top of the head and the jaw’s bottom line. Draw in the remaining facial features such as the nose, lips and eyebrows, and add the ears and hair. The exact way to draw a human face depends on the actual face you want to draw and the angle you wish to draw the face.

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If you are drawing a male face, make the jawline angular by drawing a flatter chin. However, an egg-shape is appropriate for a woman’s jawline. Keep the width of the head the same as the width of five eyes. When creating the proportion for the nose, the width of the nose is the same as the width of one eye. Draw the ears to fit proportionately in the area between the top of the eyes and the halfway point between the bottom of the jawline and eyes.

When drawing a man, draw the nose so that it goes a fraction beyond the man’s inside eye corners. Draw the mouth by proportionally using the midway point from the jawline to the earlobes as the marker for drawing the bottom of the lip. You can make the mouth corners as wide as each eye’s iris.

Draw eyebrows above the eyes, and taper each eyebrow downward toward the face. Draw the hairline at least one-quarter to one-third down from the top of the head.

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