How Do You Draw a Horse?


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Draw a horse by beginning with the head, moving on to the back and finishing with the legs and stomach. Add in the details such as the mane and tail after everything else is completed.

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Start on the nose of the horse by drawing a vertical line at the bottom of which is a curve for the muzzle. Then draw a curving line up for the cheek. At the end of the cheek, sketch the neck and chest. From the top of the first vertical line, draw a curving line up and over for the top of the head that flows naturally into the arch at the top of the neck. It goes down in a shallow dip for the back and up for the rump.

Now move on to the legs. From the end of the line forming the chest, draw a diagonal line for the top of the leg that curves into the knee and then goes from the knee to a diagonal line for the bottom of the leg. Sketch the hoof, and then finish the back of the leg so that the leg is in a bent position. From the top of the leg, draw the curve of the stomach toward the back of the horse. Before the line reaches the rump, draw the slightly bent back leg. Now sketch the two legs on the other side of the horse.

Finish by sketching the ear, nostril and eye of the horse. Then draw the mane and tail.

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