How Do You Draw a Hippo?

How Do You Draw a Hippo?

Draw a hippo by using a circle, ovals and rectangles for the outline of the body and adding details to finish. You need a pencil, paper and eraser or drawing software.

  1. Draw a circle and an oval for the head and muzzle

    Draw a perfect circle on the right side of the page for the head. Add an elongated oval to the right of this circle that slightly overlaps it and is in front of it. The oval should look like a flattened version of the original circle.

  2. Add an oval for the body and rectangles for the legs

    Draw an oval to the left of the circle that overlaps slightly with it and is behind it. Make this oval the same shape as and three times as large as the muzzle. Draw four rectangles for legs, two in the front and two in the back. Make them short and wide. Add three small semicircles side by side at the base of each leg for the nails.

  3. Add details and erase interior lines

    Draw a pair of eyes near the top of the circle of the head. The eye to the left on your page should be slightly lower than the other. Draw two small circles side by side at the end of the muzzle for nostrils and a line underneath them for a mouth. Add a semicircle about the same size as the eyes at the top of the head for one ear and a similar shape on the left side of the circle for the other. Erase interior lines to complete the drawing.