How Do You Draw a Hibiscus Flower?

How Do You Draw a Hibiscus Flower?

The hibiscus is a tropical flower with five leaves and a long pistil, whose basic shape can be outlined to start with five larger circles drawn around a smaller one. Drawing the remaining details of the hibiscus flower takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and requires a pencil with an eraser and paper. Colored pencils, or other mediums are optional.

  1. Draw six circles

    Start by outlining the shape of the hibiscus. Using a light touch, draw five linked circles around a smaller circle. The five circles are the outline for the petals.

  2. Map the pistil

    Use two dots to map out the position of the pistil. One dot goes in the central circle. The other dot indicates in which direction the pistil is growing. It should be in the center of one of the larger circles.

  3. Sketch the petal frills

    Hibiscus petals have a frilly appearance. Using a stronger pressure, turn the five circles into petals by converting the even lines into wavy ones. Keep the petals overlapping by terminating the wavy lines before they reach the central circle. Gently erase the original circles.

  4. Sketch the pistil

    The pistil of a hibiscus resembles a horn with orbs on the end. Starting at the first dot, draw a curve out to the second dot, then return to the original dot. Add a collection of circles at the tip to create the pollen.

  5. Color the flower

    If desired, color the flower using colored pencils. Hibiscus flowers come in red, pink or yellow. The pollen orbs should be a bright yellow.