How Do You Draw a Heart?


A heart can be drawn either as its simplified, symbolic representation of love or as a more anatomically correct representation of the organ that pumps blood through the human body. Both representations are valid but used in entirely different contexts. First establish what the purpose and intended meaning of the drawing is to decide what kind of heart to draw.

To draw a basic heart symbol, start by drawing two adjacent circles. Then, draw an inverted triangle with the top side going through the center of the circles and the bottom point centered below them. Smooth and round the outline of the shape, and, if desired, add any embellishments. Possible embellishments include highlights to add dimension, an arrow, wings, a banner, flames or even a crack in the heart. Use this simple heart symbol to decorate letters, cards or notes to express affection and love. This symbol is often used to represent romantic love and can be seen on most Valentine's day cards.

Drawing an anatomically correct heart is more complicated as it involves drawing the arteries, veins and chambers that form a human heart. Many guides with specific, step-by-step instructions on how to draw a human heart are available for free online.