How Do You Draw Graffiti?

How Do You Draw Graffiti?

To draw graffiti, first create the basic outline, then draw the letters around the outline. Fill in the base color, and finally, add details. Make sure that you have permission to draw wherever you choose to draw.

  1. Make the basic outline

    Figure out which style to use, as graffiti letters can be of many different shapes. It's best to start out practicing with pen and paper before drawing on a wall.

  2. Draw the graffiti letters around the outline

    Once the outline is done, draw the letters around them. These can be blocky or bubbly and usually overlap one another.

  3. Fill in the letters with the base color

    Pick a dark color to outline the letters, and fill them in with your preferred color. Then blend it with a second color on top. Complementary colors work best, as do pastels or chalk work well. Colored pencils are harder to use for this purpose. Try using different shades of the same color.

  4. Add finishing touches to your masterpiece

    Add details such as cracks, bubbles, shadows and highlights using a color that contrasts with the colors you've already used. Add an outline to the letters or color the background if you so desire.