How Do You Draw a Goat?

How Do You Draw a Goat?

Draw a goat in just a few steps. This fun and easy art project takes only a few minutes. You need a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the head

    To draw the head, sketch in a curve for the forehead. Draw a curved point for the nose and an arc from the point of the nose and down for the jaw. Add a curve and a point under the jaw for the chin. Draw a rounded ear at the back of the forehead arc.

  2. Draw the body

    Starting from the bottom of the ear, draw a downward line for the neck, which curves into the back and rump. From the rump sketch a downward line for the leg and hoof. Finish the leg by adding another toe to the hoof and drawing an upward line that curves over for the thigh. Draw a curve for the belly, then sketch in the front legs. Add the remaining back leg under the belly. Draw a curving line from the front legs up to the chin for the neck.

  3. Add in the details

    Finish the goat by adding in the details. On the forehead curve, draw another rounded ear and an eye. On top of the head, draw in two pointed curves for the horns.