How Do You Draw a Ghost?


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Draw a ghost by lightly sketching a circle with pencil, followed by a stretched "S" shape on the left side of the circle and a similar "C" shape on the right. Add lines to the bottom of the drawing to give the appearance of sheet-like waves or ruffles. Ruffles should follow the curve of the ghost to indicate movement. A final bottom wave completes the ghost shape.

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Add eyes, hands, arms and other features to the ghost as desired. For a friendly ghost, draw large, oval-shaped eyes close to the top of the head. Use simple, triangular sketches to create round arms, fingers and any other appendages desired. Although artists often include eyebrows and a tongue, ghosts do not generally display teeth. Scary ghosts may bear more striking features, including sharp teeth or squinting, predatory eyes.

After lightly drawing the ghost, retrace it in a darker pencil or ink if desired. To make a ghost drawing appear more like an apparition, use a blue pencil. This helps the ghost look less solid. Add any desired background, such as a sky full of stars or a large moon. Include text, such as a gaily written "Happy Halloween!" in any font and letter size.

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