How Do You Draw a German Shepherd?

How Do You Draw a German Shepherd?

To draw a German Shepherd, sketch a circle for the face, block out areas for the facial features, then finish with details such as fur and ears. A facial grid made with lines helps ensure the eyes, nose and mouth are in the proper position and are the right proportion.

Artists should use top-quality products to produce a high-quality drawing of a German Shepherd. Artist's pencils, a kneaded eraser, a ruler and heavy drawing paper are the basic supplies needed for this project.

  1. Sketch the outline
  2. Use the pencil to lightly draw a large circle for the dog's head. Sketch another circle underneath for the dog's neck and chest area. If the drawing will be a full picture, sketch an elongated oval for the body and sticks for the legs and tail.

  3. Draw the facial guidelines
  4. Use the ruler to lightly draw guidelines on the face. Space out the eyes appropriately and draw an elongated muzzle in the nose area. Draw the mouth underneath the muzzle. Be sure to use a light touch in case lines need to be erased. The ears can be drawn at this time as well.

  5. Fill in the body
  6. If the sketch is going to have a body, round out the body's oval. Add detail to the legs and tail.

  7. Finish with details
  8. Erase the guidelines in the face. Add details such as fur and shading to finish the sketch.