How Do You Draw a Frog With Step-by-Step Directions?

Draw a frog by sketching the shapes of the body, legs, face and feet. Lightly draw each body part with pencil, and when finished, draw over the main lines with darker lines.

  1. Draw the body

    Draw an apple shape for the body, with the wider portion at the top. Add two circles in the middle of the top of the body for the eyes. Add two diagonal, upward-facing football shapes for the back legs, one on each side of the body.

  2. Add legs and feet

    Draw two long, curved bean shapes for the front legs at the front of the body, one on each side. Draw webbed back feet under each leg; these look like scuba foot fins and point outward. Add a curved line (like a diagonal smile) to the inside of each back leg to show that it is bent.

  3. Add the final details

    Draw a small circle inside each eye to create pupils. Add a three-toed hand shape to the end of each front leg. Draw circles over the body and back legs for skin details. Add a curved line below the eyes for the mouth. Add additional details, such as eyebrows or lines on the webbed feet, if desired.

  4. Complete the drawing

    Use a black pen or marker to draw over the lines you want to keep, and erase any extra pencil lines. Color the frog with various shades of green and other colors if desired.