How Do You Draw Freddy Fazbear?


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To draw Freddy Fazbear, begin with a rough sketch to serve as a guide for your drawing, then work out from the sketch, slowly adding more details until the picture is complete. When the picture is finished, erase the guideline so only the detailed drawing remains.

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Begin the sketch with a rough circle to serve as the head. Square the bottom of the circle to make a jaw, and divide the head into six sections to serve as a guide for the facial features. Add two circles for eyes and two semi-circles for ears on the top third of the head. Add an inverted triangle for a nose in the center of the face, then draw the basic shape of a muzzle extending down from the nose. Finally, add the basic shape of the mouth, extending it down from the muzzle and following the square jawline along the bottom of the face.

Once the basic shapes of Freddy Fazbear's features are in place, add detail to the drawing. Draw eyelids and eyebrows, as well as adding small irises and pupils. Draw evenly-spaced cubes for teeth, and whisker spots on the muzzle. Once all the details have been added, erase the initial sketch guidelines, and color the picture.

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