How Do You Draw a Flower?

To draw a basic flower, start with the center, add petals radiating out, sketch the stem and leaves, and color if desired. Drawing a flower takes roughly five minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser. Colored pencils are optional.

  1. Draw the center

    Starting about two-thirds of the way up from the bottom of the paper, draw a circle. This is the center of the flower and serves as the base for the petals.

  2. Sketch the first petals

    Starting at the top, draw a long petal. Add another on the bottom side of the base. Add two petals radiating out on the sides. The sketch should resemble a plus sign with a circle in the center.

  3. Add more petals

    Sketch four more petals, one each between the first petals.

  4. Draw the stem

    Starting between the lower-most petals, draw a slightly curved line down. The line should finish near the bottom of the paper. If desired, double the line to make a thicker stem. Add a perpendicular line at the bottom to represent where the flower grows out from the ground.

  5. Sketch the leaves

    Approximately one-third of the way down from the bottom petals, sketch a leaf shape. Move a little farther down, and sketch another leaf on the opposite side of the stem.

  6. Add details and color

    Draw small lines in the center of each petal. Repeat this procedure for the leaves. If desired, color the flower.