How Do You Draw Flames on a Piece of Paper?


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To draw flames on paper, use a pencil to sketch two large semi-circles that open towards the top of the page. Then, draw a short straight line inward and slightly downward from each ending point of each semi-circle, before continuing up and outwards, creating two sets of flared and slightly wavy lines of a slightly longer length.

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Continue this process by drawing another set of concave and falling lines from the ends of the flared lines. These lines should be slightly longer than the first set of downward lines. Next, create a "V" shape by drawing additional sets of rising lines which bow outward. Repeat this procedure by creating shorter falling and rising lines, until both the inner and outer sets of lines begin to meet in the middle of the page.

Both the outer and inner lines on both sides should arc upwards. For the most realistic effect, the height of both sets of lines should be slightly unequal. To complete the flame, first finish the smaller interior by creating a fish-hook like curve, connecting the tip of the taller line with the shorter line. Then finish the exterior by adding two more lines which slope downward and meet, forming a deep "V" shape. Finally, add a small teardrop-like shape inside the smaller flame to finish the flames.

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