How Do You Draw a Flame?

Draw a flame by starting with a simple circle as a guide. Next, draw the flame lines coming out from around the edge of the circle, then sketch the base of the flame, add floating embers and erase your guidelines. Depending on the flame style desired, the circle may be open or closed at the bottom, while certain styles, such as tribal flames, require no circle guideline.

  1. Draw your guidelines

    Draw the parameters of the flame by sketching a circle. You may cut off the bottom of the circle depending on the style of your flame, otherwise keep the circle closed. The closed circle style is for a layered flame, while the open circle is singular.

  2. Draw the flames

    If you use an open circle, draw the flames thin and ropy, stretching out from around the top and upper sides of the circle. If the circle is closed, widen the flames and wrap them around the circle to give it a bolder look. Next, fill in the inside of the circle, extending the flame lines inwards to complete the flame shape. An open circle should not have a base, while a closed circle may have a point of origin. Make sure to give layers to a closed-style flame. Finally, add ember shapes above the flame.

  3. Color in the flame

    After you add detailing, erase any mistakes and the initial guidelines. Finally, fill the flame in with your color of choice.