How Do You Draw Fire?

How Do You Draw Fire?

Draw fire by sketching two curving lines for one flame and two more curving lines for the second flame, then coloring it. This takes only a few minutes. You need a piece of paper, a pencil and colored pencils.

  1. Draw the first flame

    To draw the first flame, start at the bottom left side of the paper for the bottom point. Sketch a line that curves slightly to the right and back to the left in a smooth arch before curving back up to the right where it ends at the top. From the top of this line, make a point, and add another line curving downward. Mirror the second line to the first line, but with space between the two. Join the bottom of this line to the beginning of the first line creating a point.

  2. Add the second flame

    Draw the second flame to the right of the first flame. The bottom point of the flame needs to start at the right, but higher than the bottom of the first flame. Curve the flame to the left. For best results, mirror the first flame, ensuring the tops are at roughly the same height.

  3. Color the flames

    Color the flames of the fire in with red, orange and yellow colored pencils to complete the drawing.