How Do You Draw "Finding Nemo" Characters?

How Do You Draw "Finding Nemo" Characters?

There are many "Finding Nemo" characters to choose from. The main character is Nemo, and the process of drawing this character includes sketching an outline, adding fins with appropriate sizes, and finishing the drawing with eyes, a mouth and stripes. You will need a pencil and paper.

  1. Sketch the outline

    Sketch the outside of Nemo's body. This should be one simple shape with no interior lines. The shape should be round with a flat bottom.

  2. Add fins and a tail to the outline

    Add Nemo's fins to the outline of the body. The character has two fins on the top and two fins on the bottom of its body. Draw a much smaller fin on the body in the foreground. Add a tail to the rear of the body, making sure it's attached to the flat bottom part of the outline. Nemo's tail is large and should be about 50 percent of his body's size.

  3. Add eyes, a mouth and stripes

    Draw large eyes at the front of Nemo's head. Unlike eyes of real fish, Nemo's eyes are close together and face forward like human eyes. Add a mouth in the shape of a large smile with dimples. Draw three vertical stripes in the main part of Nemo's body.