How Do You Draw a Female Hand?

draw-female-hand Credit: Photography by Bobi/Moment/Getty Images

Drawing female hands takes a lot of practice. The step-by-step process of drawing a hand depends on the style, which can vary. Generally, female hands are drawn more slender and less blocky than male hands, with longer fingers and fingernails.

  1. Decide on a style

    Decide whether you want to practice drawing an anatomically correct hand or a more stylized cartoon or anime version.

  2. Find visual references

    Research images of real and drawn female hands in many different positions, such as wide fingers, fist, pointed finger and holding an object, to name a few examples.

  3. Analyze the images

    Pick one image to start working with, and analyze its structure. Try to separate the hand into distinct shapes and patterns. Observe the proportions of these parts in relation to one another, as well as the angles they form.

  4. Draw an outline

    Start with making the simplified outline of the hand in the same pose as your visual reference. For a basic hand with splayed fingers, this would be a soft oval or curved rectangle forming the palm, with a smaller oval attached to one side forming the base of the thumb.

  5. Add details

    Add the fingers, thinking of each finger as a stack of three cylinders. Add the fingernails, making them long and pointed to illustrate a female hand. Erase the outlines and stray marks.

  6. Keep practicing

    Practice this technique using female hands in many different positions as visual references.