How Do You Draw Feet?

How Do You Draw Feet?

To draw feet, start by drawing the shape of the sole of the foot. Then, add dimension to the drawing by giving it added depth. Add the toes and the lines for the ankle. For finishing touches, add lines for the arches and the ankle bone.

  1. Draw the shape of the sole

    Start by drawing the general shape of the sole of the foot either from above, the side or the bottom. The general shape should be an oval that is almost square at one end with rounded edges. Use this shape as a rough outline to build off of for the rest of the drawing.

  2. Give it dimension

    Using the rough outline as a guide, make the foot three dimensional. Give it depth and curves so that it forms a realistic outline of the foot. Add rough lines for the ankle.

  3. Finish the details

    Add in the toes one at a time. Then, add the details of each toe. Add in lines for the ankle, the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Then add a line for the arch of the foot. Finally, go back and erase any excess lines remaining from the original rough outline that you created.