How Do You Draw Father Christmas?

How Do You Draw Father Christmas?

During the holiday season, drawing Father Christmas or Santa Claus can be a fun activity for kids of many ages. To complete the drawing, you will need paper, a pencil, an eraser, and markers or paints to color in your drawing afterwards.

  1. Start with the face

    Draw a circle for Santa's face, leaving enough room above the circle for his hat and a lot more room below for his body. Draw an oval or part of an oval for his nose just below the center of the circle. Add Santa's eyes a bit above and on either side of the nose. Draw a curve that looks like a shallow hill or upside down "u" for each eye. You can make the eyes look closed, or draw small open eyes on the undersides of those curves.

  2. Add the facial hair

    Draw eyebrows not far above the eyes. They can look like long rectangles with rounded edges or be drawn bushy. Draw his mustache. Starting from the sides of the nose, draw lines that slant down and out, end at a point, and then are reconnected just below the nose. Erase the bottom third of your circle, and draw a beard in its place that is often as long as the head.

  3. Draw his clothes

    Start with Santa's hat, which has a fuzzy part that should sit right on the eyebrows and tapers toward the end with a fuzzy ball. Usually Santa is also drawn with a big red coat, red pants, black boots and green gloves.