How Do You Draw Fairies?

How Do You Draw Fairies?

Fairy drawings range from cute sketches that children can execute to elaborate figure drawings. The following instructions are for a basic anime fairy.

  1. Start with the basic shapes

    Sketch a stick figure in the pose the fairy will have. Add circles for the joints and torso. Add guidelines to ensure the body and head of the fairy are facing in the same direction.

  2. Sketch in the hair

    Follow the curve of the skull, and add jagged shapes to resemble hair. The hair can be as long or as short as you want. Draw pointed ears poking out between the hair.

  3. Add the eyes

    Draw a very faint line across the face to align the eyes. Sketch in over-sized eyes. Make sure the far eye is smaller to give the image perspective. With an anime fairy, the eyes are the focal point, so they take the most detail.

  4. Finish the face

    Sketch in a nose and small mouth. Add eyebrows to frame the eyes.

  5. Fill out the torso

    Draw an elongated shape with a slight curve on one side. Drawing out from the shoulders, add rounded arms. Draw tiny hands. Add the desired clothing.

  6. Add the legs and feet

    Work down from the curve of the torso and sketch the legs, ending in tiny feet.

  7. Draw the wings

    The centerpiece of any fairy drawing is the wings. Starting from the curve, draw one set of wings, adding veins or butterfly patterns. Draw the hint of wings on the far side.