How Do You Draw an Eye Step by Step?

How Do You Draw an Eye Step by Step?

To draw an eye, start by drawing a horizontal oval. Inside the oval, near the center, draw a circle that touches the edge of the oval at the top and bottom to represent the iris. Inside the circle, draw a second, smaller circle to represent the pupil.

  1. Draw a rough outline

    Start by drawing a rough outline of the eye. The main shape of the eye is a horizontal oval. Add a light line around the eye to represent the skin around the eye socket, including the eyelid. Inside the oval, add a circle for the iris and another circle inside for the pupil.

  2. Add details to the iris

    Start by darkening the pupil. Remember to leave some white in the pupil to represent the light source hitting the eye. Around the pupil, add layers of lines and shading to represent the color of the iris and to make it more lifelike.

  3. Finish the eye

    Darken the lines around the eye that represent the skin and eyelid. Add shading on the eyelid and in the corners of the eye. Then, add some light lines in the white of the eye to represent the veins in the eye. Finally, add lines for the eyelashes.