How Do You Draw Emo Hearts?


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Outline the basic shape of an emo heart by drawing an elongated heart with a stem like an apple. You need a pencil with an eraser and paper. Depending on the complexity and your level of drawing experience, this process can be completed within minutes.

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  1. Draw an elongated heart shape

    Using a pencil, draw an elongated heart shape like an apple with a point. Add a small stem to the top. Near the top in the middle, add a flattened mountain shape to represent bangs.

  2. Add the face

    Connect the ends of the "mountain" shape with a half-circle. Make a very small half-circle in the exact center of the other half-circle. Add eyes, blush marks, a frowning mouth and a nose within the half-circle.

  3. Draw the body within the heart

    Draw lines on either side of the half-circle down to the point of the heart, creating an oval. Add another half-circle on each side of the oval. Draw short horizontal lines down the oval and the half-circles to represent clothes. Make a small vertical line at the very bottom, and draw a horizontal line above it to represent legs.

  4. Erase mistakes

    Look over your finished drawing, and erase any outlying mistakes. Remove extra lines and edges.

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