How Do You Draw an Elephant?

How Do You Draw an Elephant?

An elephant drawing is made up of simple lines and shapes. To draw an elephant, you need only a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the top half of the body

    Draw two rounded lines, meeting at a right angle. It should look like the top right corner of a square. Draw half of a rounded line from the top left corner.

  2. Draw the elephant's trunk

    Starting from the bottom of the left line, draw a backwards letter "S." Draw another backwards "S" to complete the trunk.

  3. Add a tusk and mouth

    Extend a small line from the base of the trunk to form a letter "V" for the mouth. Draw a small triangle at the base of the trunk to make a tusk.

  4. Draw an eye and an ear

    Draw a small circle for the elephant's eye and a large rounded triangle for the elephant's ear.

  5. Draw four legs

    Starting at the base of mouth, draw a diagonal rectangle to make the first leg. Draw a second rectangle vertically for the second leg. For the third leg, draw a vertical rectangle along the back rounded line of the body. Draw a fourth leg as a smaller rectangle extending from the third leg.

  6. Draw the belly and tail

    Close the elephant's body off with a belly, starting from the back end of the second leg and ending at the front end of the third leg. For the tail, draw a small triangle extending from the right angle of the body.