How Do You Draw an Ear?


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To successfully draw a realistic-looking ear, begin by sketching the oval shape of the ear while making sure that the bottom of the oval is in line with the bottom of the nose, while the top of the oval should be in line with the eyebrows in order to get the right sense of proportion. Additionally, the upper-most loop of the ear that connects directly to the head should be in line with the eyes.

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Using a light pencil, such as a 2B, is the best choice for laying down rough sketches of the ear, as it can be erased easily when details are ready to be added.

  1. Sketching a basic oval on the side of the head is a good way to start. The initial sketch can then be removed after proportions of the ear have been drawn in.
  2. While proportions are important, all faces are different. Coupled with varying perspectives, an artist will need to adjust the drawing as necessary. The golden rule is to start with the general approach and always ultimately draw what is seen.
  3. The ear itself is almost hook-shaped as are inner details. Drawing the outer details first makes the inner ear details easier, as they often follow similar patterns to the outer lines.
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