How Do You Draw an Eagle With an American Flag?


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Drawing an eagle?more specifically, the bald eagle, the national bird of the United States?with the American flag can be simple. All that is needed is a pair of circles and a pair of lines to use collectively as a template.

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First, draw a large circle, then an oblong circle inside it. Then add two lines: a long vertical line that cuts through both circles and a much smaller horizontal line that crosses the vertical one within the oblong circle. Use the horizontal line to start sketching the eagle?s facial features, including the beak and eyes.

Use fuzzy lines to represent the head?s outline, which consists of the top and back shape and should occupy the right side of the template. Then start adding details, which include the nostril hole in the beak, the pupil in the eye and feather outlines at the top of the head and around the neck.

Next, begin curving the neck details to the left, preparing a space for the American flag. Start drawing the stripes within the left side of the template, starting from the lower outline of the oblong circle and working up to the outline of the larger circle. Then draw the stars in the bare section located at the far left of the template, and erase all guidelines left in the drawing.

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