How Do You Draw Dragon Sketches?

How Do You Draw Dragon Sketches?

How Do You Draw Dragon Sketches?

It can be fun to sketch a dragon's head from a side profile. The time it takes to complete this task will vary according to the artist's skill level.

  1. Gather the materials needed

    Gather the basic materials needed to sketch a dragon's head, including several 2H pencils for minor shading, a 6B pencil for dark shadows, an H pencil for the nose and outlining the eyes, and a #7 mechanical pencil to create the initial sketch. You will also need a tortillion to blend shades or colors.

  2. Draw the head of the dragon

    The shapes drawn in this step will eventually become the head of the dragon. Dragon Art says, "Make a circle first and then draw in the shapes of the roaring mouth, and then the neck."

  3. Add detail to the mouth and head of the dragon

    The actual shape of the dragon's mouth resembles that of a crocodile's mouth. The jaw line has many angles that also form the horns on the dragon's head. Sketch in the teeth, eyes and nostril holes. Add detail to the inner part of the eye.

  4. Sketch the tongue

    Sketch the forked tongue sticking out of the dragon's mouth. Sketch two lines to outline the neck. Add detail to the horn and the side of the mouth.

  5. Add finishing details

    Sketch details in the neck and the small lining in the top of the dragon's head.

  6. Start shading

    Use the pencils mentioned in step one to shade and add detail to the dragon. According to Dragon Art, each shading pencil should be used to shade a different part of the dragon.