How Do You Draw a Dragon Body?

Start with circles to position the dragon, connect the circles to indicate the abdomen, and finish the body with details. Drawing a dragon body takes approximately 15 minutes and requires paper, a pencil and an eraser.

  1. Start with basic shapes

    Using light pressure, draw circles to position the dragon's shoulders and haunches.

  2. Attach the circles

    Lightly sketch a curved line to connect the shoulders to the haunches. This is the dragon's belly. Draw a curved line up from the shoulders for the dragon's chest. Connect the circles at the top for the dragon's back.

  3. Sketch in wings

    Starting at the shoulder, sketch a line in an upside down check mark to represent the exterior of a wing. Connect the wing tip to the body with scalloped lines so it looks like a bat wing. Mirror the wing on the other side.

  4. Add legs

    Starting from the middle of the shoulder circle, draw two parallel lines down for the leg. Sketch a pointy foot with talons and a claw in the back. Start midway up the chest to draw the opposite leg. Repeat the procedure with the haunches. Make the back legs and feet bigger.

  5. Erase the base shapes

    Erase the circles. Solidify the lines of the body.

  6. Sketch the tail

    Start from the line representing the back, and draw a curved line back for the tail. Repeat the line from the curve of the belly behind the back leg. The tail should grow narrower at the end. Top the tail with a spike.

  7. Add details

    Sketch ridges along the dragon's back and tail. Add lines parallel to the check mark of the wing to indicate the bones. Sketch scales using rounded check marks all flowing in the same direction.