How Do You Draw Dolphins?

How Do You Draw Dolphins?

To draw a dolphin, begin by drawing the outline of the head and mouth. Then, extend the dolphin's body back from the head in a slight curve on the belly and back. Draw a tail fin to connect the curves, then add a dorsal fin halfway down the dolphin's back.

The basic shape of a dolphin is similar to a banana. Starting with the head is the simplest way, since the body will be proportioned to the dolphin's head. After drawing the head, extend the lines for the back and belly in two curves, bringing them close to connecting at the end, but leaving a gap. The tail fin looks like an upside-down "U" and connects the two lines.

With the body complete, measure halfway down the dolphin's back and add a dorsal fin. This is the fin on dolphins and sharks often seen above water. Next, draw a flipper on the belly of the dolphin. This is commonly located beneath the dorsal fin and slightly forward towards the mouth.

With the outline complete, add a dot for the dolphin's eye, which aligns with the top of the dolphin's mouth. Last, add a blowhole on the top of the dolphin's back. This is usually located halfway between the eye and the dorsal fin and is drawn as a small, black dot.

If you want to add a smile to the dolphin's mouth, draw an upward curving line from the tip of the nose until you reach the back of the dolphin's mouth, then draw a short, sharp hook.