How Do You Draw a Dog Step by Step?

How Do You Draw a Dog Step by Step?

To draw a dog, start by sketching basic geometric shapes that resemble the skeletal structure and joints, and then add the outline of the animal. Artists should save details such as facial features and fur for the end of the drawing process.

To draw a dog, use the following process.

  1. Sketch out basic geometric shapes
  2. When drawing animals such as dogs, always start with the basic skeletal structure of the animal. However, it is not necessary to draw a skeleton. Draw geometric shapes such as circles, lines and triangles to form the structure of the animal.

  3. Draw the body
  4. To draw the body of the dog, fill in the geometric shapes previously drawn until it resembles the muscle structure of the dog.

  5. Add detail to the paws
  6. After the bodily structure is in place, begin adding details, starting with creating the details of the paws.

  7. Add detail to the head
  8. To add detail to the head, start with a circle or oval with a cross running through it. Add the nose at the bottom of the circle, the ears at the top, and the eyes around the middle of the circle. Artists drawing dogs in profile should add a muzzle at the center of the circle.

  9. Fill in the details
  10. After the body shape, face shape and paws are finished, add the final details to the drawing, including eyes, fur, noses, teeth and ears.