How Do You Draw a Dog in a Few Easy Steps?


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Begin drawing a dog by drawing two curved lines for the top and bottom of his muzzle. Draw a circle around those lines to form the rest of his head. Add two circles above the muzzle for eyes, an upside-down triangle for a nose, and a small line at the end of the muzzle for a smile. Add an ear to each side of his head and a small amount of fur between them to complete the dog's head.

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Extend two lines from the bottom of the head to begin drawing the body. At the end of those lines, add the dog's front feet. Draw one line from the bottom of the head to the top of the right foot; this is the dog's belly. From that line, add another connecting it to the left foot to form the left leg. Draw a line from the base of the head toward the right side of the paper to form the dog's back, and complete the right front leg by adding a line from the middle of the back to the bottom of the foot.

Draw the beginning of the dog's back haunches using a curved line beginning toward the end of the back. Complete the leg by adding a foot similar to the ones in the front. Add a tail and a connecting line between the right front foot and the back leg to finish the dog's belly. Complete the dog by adding a collar with a name tag.

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