How Do You Draw a Dog?

How Do You Draw a Dog?

To draw a dog, start with a reference photo. Draw a rough outline of the dog on a piece of paper, then add details. Finally, add shading and texture to the photo to create the appearance of shadows and fur.

  1. Create the outline

    Use the reference photo to create an rough sketch outline of the dog. Lightly draw the lines of the dog's head and body. These lines are a guideline for future details. Add lines to mark anywhere the dog's body changes shape, such as where the curve of the nose meets the head.

  2. Add in the details

    Look closely at the details of the dog, and add them to the drawing. When drawing the eyes, make sure they are properly spaced and that the pupils are the same size. Make note of places where there are shadows, and lightly shade those areas.

  3. Finish with shading and texture

    After adding the details, add shading to give the drawing depth. Use the shadows in the drawing as a guide for shading, and use an eraser tool to soften any areas where the shading is too dark. Use short and long directional marks to create texture. These marks make the dog's fur more lifelike.