How Do You Draw Disney Characters?

How Do You Draw Disney Characters?

To draw a Disney character, first choose which Disney character to draw, then print off a reference photo of that character. Begin by making a rough outline of the character's head and body shape. Next, make a more solid outline of the character, and add in the fine details to finish the drawing.

  1. Choose a character

    Choose which Disney character to draw and search online or through books or movies for a reference photo of the character to use while drawing. This photo should contain clear details.

  2. Create a rough outline

    Sketch a rough outline of the shapes of the character's head, body and limb. This outline does not need to be perfect, it is only used to help create the general shape of the character so that it is easier to draw the details later.

  3. Finish the details

    Using the rough sketch, make a final outline of the Disney character, and then move to drawing the clothes and details of the face and body. Once that is finished, make sure to add all of the final touches, including any accessories or minute details such as eyelashes. Finally, erase any leftover sketch lines so that only the final drawing remains.