How Do You Draw Daisy Duck?


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To draw Daisy Duck, you need a pencil or a pen, white drawing paper or a digital painting application. Use a mixture of circles to block out the face and body, and add more details as shown by the drawing tutorial on EasyDrawingTutorials.com.

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Use light, smooth strokes of the pencil to draw a circle at the bottom half of the page for the head. The circle's positioning leaves room for the large ribbon. Add intersecting lines: one horizontal towards the bottom and one vertical towards the right, with each one contouring to the circle.

For the eyes, start off by drawing two long arcs on top of the horizontal line and flanking the vertical line. A large M should be drawn on top of the head for the ribbon?s guideline. A sideways letter U added to the bottom right side of the head, as well as a shape resembling a bowl at the bottom of the head, serves as the guideline for the bill. From there, you can start filling in the details with darker, bolder lines.

Draw curved lines below the eyes and into the bowl to form an open bill. The eyes can be finished off with a pair of U-shaped strokes for the pupils, concave lines within the large arches for the eyelids, three long and slightly curving lines sprouting from each eyelid for the eyebrows, and contouring lines over the arches for the eyebrows. Add the knot at the middle of the M and a few lines to fully create the ribbon.

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