How Do I Draw a Daisy?


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To draw a daisy, simply draw a circle as a foundation for the petals with a simple stem and leaves, and then draw the daisy's petals. Add more detailed petals as necessary, and then color it in.

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Dragoart specifies that to draw the petals of a daisy, the foundational circle should also include a smaller circle that goes inside the bigger circle. The lines that serve as the base for the leaves should be slightly curved with the ends of the curved line pointing down. Draw fifteen daisy petals that come out from the inside circle that was drawn previously. Draw an intricate spiraled design in the small circle. Draw petals behind the first set of petals by drawing curved lines in between each set of two petals. Draw small lines that come up from the inner circle into some of the petals in the first set of petals drawn. Draw two lines next to the line created for the stem. Draw the leaves by creating a line that curves up and a line that curves down on both sides of the stem. Erase the baselines that were originally drawn. Dragoart suggests coloring the flower petals pink, yellow, or white and coloring the inside spiraled circle yellow.

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