How Do You Draw a Cute Owl?

How Do You Draw a Cute Owl?

Draw a cute owl by making a curved U shape for the body, two large eyes and a small V for the beak. Add the owl's talons, and color him using various colored pencils. You need drawing paper, a pencil and colored pencils.

  1. Draw the owl's body

    Make a large U with the two ends curled outward. Draw a slightly convex line connecting the two ends.

  2. Make the owl's eyes

    Draw two large circles so that they meet in the middle of the owl's face. Their top edges should touch the top of the owl's head. Make one slightly smaller circle in each eye. Color these circles in black or brown.

  3. Draw the owl's eyebrows

    Draw zigzags in the top left and top right corners of the owl's body. Alternatively, draw scalloped lines for a female owl.

  4. Draw the owl's beak

    With a brown colored pencil, draw a V underneath the spot where the two eyes meet in the middle.

  5. Draw the owl's wings

    Starting from the area underneath the right eye, draw the right wing by making a vertical line. Draw scalloped edges towards the body's outer-right edge. Repeat the opposite for the left wing.

  6. Draw the owl's talons

    Draw one W underneath the scalloped part of each wing. Connect the points of each W to form the owl's talons. Color in the owl using colored pencils.