How Do You Draw a Cube?

Draw a cube by first drawing two squares overlapping at a corner, then connecting the squares with lines the same length as the sides of the square and erasing unnecessary lines. You only need a piece of paper and a drawing utensil, such as a pencil or pen.

  1. Draw a square

    Draw one basic square on your piece of paper. Be sure to keep all sides the same length.

  2. Draw a second square

    Draw a second square, placing the top-left corner in the center of the first square.

  3. Connect the corners

    Draw a line from the first square's corners to the corresponding corners on the second square. For example, connect the top-right corner of the first square to the top-right corner of the second square and so on. Each line should be the same length as one side of the square.

  4. Erase the lines

    Erase the unnecessary lines in the center to complete the cube.