How Do You Draw a Cross?

How Do You Draw a Cross?

How Do You Draw a Cross?

To draw a cross, first create a horizontal and vertical line. Make an outline by connecting lines on the outside of the cross. To emboss the cross, trace the outline around the cross, and erase the interior lines. You need a pencil and a piece of paper.

  1. Draw a simple cross

    Draw two intersecting lines, the first being vertical and the second being horizontal and slightly more than halfway up the page. Draw the horizontal line about half the length of the vertical line.

  2. Draw the first outline

    Make a slight slanted line from the end of each of the top three points. Draw another slanted line from each point as if you're making a diamond, but do not connect it to the main vertical line. Connect these lines without touching the vertical line.

  3. Connect the bottom line

    Draw an arrow on the bottom of the cross, and make a small line as if you're drawing a diamond. Draw a line straight down from the top part of the cross, and connect it to the bottom part.

  4. Trace the outline

    Create a more elaborate cross by tracing the outline of the cross to make it look embossed. Erase the middle guidelines in the cross for added style.