How Do You Draw a Crab?

How Do You Draw a Crab?

A crab can be drawn with just a few simple steps and minimal artistic skills. There are a variety of crab species, each varying in length, color and physical features, but the basic features are all very similar.

The steps below demonstrate how to draw a crab that has cartoon characteristics.

  1. Draw the crab's head
  2. Draw a circle as a face guide with a line going through the center each way to form four equal portions inside the circle. Draw out the body of the crab using the circle as a guide, make the body a rock shape that is the same height as the guide circle, but slightly wider on each side. Draw two small loops at the top of the head on each side for antennas.

  3. Draw the face
  4. Draw large eyeballs in the shape of a circle on each of the top portions of the circle guide. Add eyeballs inside the eyes that are only slightly smaller than the eye circles. Draw a small boomerang shape for the mouth at the center of the bottom portions of the circle guide.

  5. Draw the legs
  6. Draw the first two legs extended out from the top of the head including the claws. Draw the remaining six legs, three to a side with a small bend to give the effect of the crab crawling sideways. Erase the guide lines and color the crab red.