How Do You Draw a Cow?

How Do You Draw a Cow?

To draw a cow, sketch out an oval body, add a pill-shaped head, draw the legs and add the rest of the details. This drawing takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the body

    Draw an oval for the body of the cow. Make the oval longer than it is high.

  2. Draw the head

    At one end of the oval, draw a pill shape for the head of the cow. Draw a horizontal line two-thirds of the way down on the head to make the cow's nose.

  3. Draw the legs

    At the bottom of the oval on the left side, draw two vertical lines joined by a curve at the bottom for a hoof. This is one leg. Add another vertical line and hoof for the second leg. Repeat this process on the right side of the oval for the second set of legs.

  4. Add the rest of the details

    Add eyes and nostrils to the cow's face. At the top of the head on either side, sketch in the ears. Next to the ears, draw two gently pointed cones for the horns. Draw some circles on the body for the black spots. For the cow's tail, draw two curved lines joined by a jagged shape. At the bottom of the cow's body between the legs, draw a semicircle with teats for the udder.