How Do You Draw a Compass Rose?

How Do You Draw a Compass Rose?

To draw a compass rose, use a ruler to mark out a + sign the length and width you want the rose to be, then add in additional lines to produce the eight compass directions associated with the conventional compass rose. Decorate and embellish these to produce an attractive design.

  1. Sketch out the eight directions

    Use a heavy pencil or marker to make a + sign large enough to hold the compass rose. Use a ruler to make sure that the lines are perpendicular to one another. Draw a second + sign with lines between 1/2 and 3/4 the length of the first sign at a 45-degree angle to the first.

  2. Add the petals of the rose

    Use the ruler and pencil/marker to draw two additional lines from each point inward, but at an angle rather than straight toward the center. Start with the lines from the ends of the longer cross, and then draw straight lines in from the ends of the shorter cross. Color in the petals on one side of the perpendicular line, stopping at the angled line. Color in the same side of each petal.

  3. Draw the center circle to complete the rose

    Set a coin on the rose, getting the center of the coin as close to the center of the rose as possible. Choose a coin that is small enough for you to see the petals of the rose around it. Draw a line around the coin, stopping at each petal and continuing on the other side. Repeat with a larger coin if you want a pair of concentric circles.