How Do You Draw a Clown?

How Do You Draw a Clown?

To draw a clown, start by drawing the head. Add fluffy hair and a big hat. Give the face clown makeup. Then, draw the body. Give the clown a circus outfit with large colorful paints and white gloves. For an extra touch, add balloons for the clown to hold.

  1. Draw the clown's head

    Start with a circular shape for the clown's head. Leave an opening at the top for the hat. Add an ear to each side of the head. Draw a big puff of hair around each ear. At the top of the head, add a small bowler hat.

  2. Draw the face

    Draw the basics of the clown's face first. This includes the eyes and mouth. Add extra details around the eyes and mouth to make it look like the clown is wearing exaggerated makeup. The clown's nose should be a circle.

  3. Draw the body and clothes

    Give the clown large, colorful clothing. Add circles to the clothing to make it look like polka dots. Draw a glove on each hand and a large clown shoe on each foot. Also add a frilly trim around the clown's neck. For a final touch, add bright colors to the clown drawing, and give the clown balloons to hold.