How Do You Draw a Chinese Dragon?


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Drawing a Chinese dragon consists of creating a snake body, deer antlers, eagle talons and the scales of a carp.By drawing the dragon in sections, anyone with a minimum drawing abilities can produce an impressive dragon.

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When following the steps below it is best to use a pencil, so that the starting lines can be erased before completion.

  1. Draw the body
  2. Draw a long snake-like gesture line for the dragon body.
  3. Draw the head
  4. Draw a circle with an attached 3-dimensional box shape at the top of the line for the snout and head of the dragon.
  5. Draw the legs
  6. Draw short bent lines for legs, two on each side of the main gesture line. Draw circles in the center of the bends to appear as elbows. Add outstretched talons to the ends of each leg.
  7. Detail the head and face
  8. Draw the details of the head using the box and circle as a guide. Make circles for the eyes at the base of the box. Add spiky eyebrows and a grinning mouth.
  9. Add more detail
  10. Draw antlers directly behind the eyebrows. Add fuzzy hair and a long whisker on each side of the dragon face. Add a furry mane to the backs of each elbow, the back of the neck and the tail.
  11. Create an outline
  12. Outline the body and the legs by tracing a line on each side of the gesture lines. Erase all of the gesture lines and any unnecessary lines.
  13. Create the stomach
  14. Draw a new line down the center of the dragon that twists around his belly. Add fish scale detail to the stomach of the dragon.
  15. Color the dragon
  16. Outline the entire drawing with a dark pen, and then paint it with bright colors.
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