How Do You Draw Chibis?

How Do You Draw Chibis?

To draw a chibi, sketch the head and body, keeping in mind the body is small in comparison to the head, and then add in details. A chibi is a manga and anime art style and is a Japanese term that means "short person" or "small child."

In Japanese manga and anime, a chibi is a little person but is not synonymous with a small child. It is simply a character that is drawn with a large head in comparison to its small body.

  1. Sketch the head and body
  2. Draw a circle for the head and stick-figure guidelines for the body. Remember to keep the body small in comparison to the head. Also draw a cross shape on the head as guidelines for the facial features.

  3. Give shape to the face
  4. Add lines to give structure to the jaw, chin and top of the head. Add ears and outlines for the eyes. Sketch light lines for the eyebrows, nose and mouth.

  5. Fill out the body
  6. Use the stick-figure guidelines from step one to fill out the body. Add shape to the arms, torso and legs. Draw the hands and feet.

  7. Finish the sketch with details and color
  8. Add hair to the character's head and use the guidelines from step two to finish the face. Add clothing to the figure and color with pencils or markers.