How Do You Draw a Chibi Character?

How Do You Draw a Chibi Character?

To draw a Chibi character, first draw an outline of the body and face, making the head a little larger than normal. Next add additional lines to give the character more definition to the features of the face and body. Then add the details of the face and eyes, making the eyes a little larger than normal. Finally, draw the body details including clothing, hand and feet.

  1. Draw a rough outline of the body

    Start by drawing a large circle for the head and the rough shapes of the torso and limbs. The head should be a little larger than normal, as Chibi figures have larger heads. Also draw the guide lines on the outline to help with drawing the features.

  2. Define the edges of the outline

    Draw more exact lines over the outline to bring out the specific body shape desired. This includes the jaw line, the arms and legs. These lines transform the rough outline into the final outline of what the character looks like when the drawing is finished.

  3. Bring out the details

    Starting with the face, draw the exact details desired for the character. Use the guide lines to aid with keeping the details of the face symmetrical. Then draw the details of the body and clothing. Finally, erase any of the remaining lines from the original rough outline.